This year, our Amrita Vidyalayam participated in various projects conducted by Mathrubhoomi VKC Nanma and won prizes. We also participated in Season Watch organized by Mathrubhoomi Seed, NCBS of Bangalore and Wipro and received the consolation prize.

Our school won the Mathrubhoomi Seed Haritha Vidyalayam award for this academic year. We were also declared a winner in the district of Wayanad in the “Avarkkayi Namukku Vangaam” project organized by GKSF and Mathrubhoomi VKC Nanma.

We received Rs. 15,000 from Mathrubhoomi Seed, Rs. 10,000 from Nanma, and medicines worth Rs. 5000. We received a total of Rs. 30,000 in awards, 1 biogas plant worth Rs. 30,000 and plants worth Rs. 30,000. Around 15 activities conducted by our school were reported in the Matrubhoomi newspaper this year.